The border

I didn’t say weird. I said… not weird


She’s adorable


She’s adorable

Everyone on Xbox tries speaking spanish to me just cuz my name is lunitic mexican

The open minded will form an opinion of their own

Why the fuck dont I get invited to spend easter with my other fam? I have to fuckin find out later that they all get together

"You take my money, I take your life"

The bitch killed my vibe

Fuck yes tool is my shiet

I don’t mind. I dont mind. I dont miiiiinnnnddd!

Better than any of the other times

Any fuckin time any fuckin day learn to swim

You claimed all this time that you would die for me. Why then are you so surprised by your own eulogy

He had alot to say he had alot of nothing to say

I wanna feel the changes comin down.I wanna know what I’ve been hidin in my shadow!